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The reason WordPress is so popular is the simple, hassle-free interface that is designed to help you find your way around quickly making it ideal for an organisation starting out.

WIth all our hosting packages you can select the most stable up-to-date installation that will allow you to easily publish and manage the content on a website. Whether it‚ a blog, a user forum, a charity site or an ecommerce enterprise site, it’s all possible in WordPress.

Choose the best hosting package according to what you need and you will get WordPress installed instantly. Choose a hosting package that incorporates CiviCRM and this will be seamlessly integrated into WordPress. This widely-used content management system will help you make the most of your website.

What’s more, you’ll also get free WordPress templates, themes and plugins so the only thing you have to focus on is your content.

With WordPress you can:

Easily customise your websites appearance

Regardless of the business you’re trying to build, the library of themes powered by WordPress is immense, so it’s almost impossible not to find one that fits your requirements.

Easily publish and manage your content

14% of all websites are using WordPress to publish content and manage their sites, and that’s because of the extremely easy to use interface. If you also decide to use the WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System), you’ll really get a feel of the true greatness of this open-source tool. Aside from being able to write, edit, publish and organise articles into different categories, you will also see how quickly you can add and manage the pages of your WordPress website.

Install plugins to optimise your content

There is a great deal of plugins available for WordPress. Being an open source application, the community is constantly coming up with quality and free applications. One of the best WordPress plugins available is the All in One SEO Pack that automatically optimises the content on your blog for search engines.

Manage visitors’ comments and stop spamAn anti-spam plugin is a must-have because you really don’t need to waste time checking and deleting every spam comment you get. Choose an anti-spam plugin and it will automatically detect spam comments and trackbacks.

With so many features, it’s no wonder so many people choose to create a site powered by WordPress. It’s very easy to use and you have access to thousands of themes and plugins.

Select your hosting package right now and get your WordPress site up and running!

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