CiviCase is the Case Management component of CiviCRM. CiviCase provides a way to track and manage a sequence of interactions between people in your organisation and contacts in CiviCRM.

Cases are used to track more complex interactions or communication processes.Multiple activities can be grouped together into one case, and these activities can be optionally structured in a timeline.

A case can be used to track a specific workflow that must be followed, for example: a client fills out an intake form, then has an initial meeting with a staff person, and finally receives a certificate from the organisation for meeting certain goals.

Track and manage your organisation’s interactions with clients or constituents

CiviCase can also manage internal organisational interactions.CiviCase tracks interactions in two ways: as cases and as activities.

Activities are single interactions

For example, if a constituent calls to request information and the staff person directs them to a website, it would be recorded as an activity, with a brief description of how the staff person followed-up.

CiviCRM will auto-generate some activities

Used in conjunction with other actions, such as logging an email receipt for event registrations.

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